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Luxury Signature Beauty Cove Glow Facial

The ultimate indulgence! Immerse yourself into a Luxury Spa Style Facial with The Beauty Cove, my signature facials are designed to glow your skin from within to feel instantly radiant & ready for a big event or for some serious pampering with added wow. Charlotte Tilbury skincare is a premium UK iconic brand and with my Makeup background, I know it is designed to unleash an inner glow and resurface your skin to reveal your brighter skin.
Get wrapped up in a cosy treatment bed, lights down low and experience the Beauty Cove Skincare Glow!

Luxury Signature Beauty Cove Glow Facial

£50 60 Mins

A Relaxing Double Cleanse, Refreshing Glow Toner to revitalise your skin, a calming steam and gentle extraction followed with  a Deep Exfoliation using an AHA mask to help resurface your skin & buff away dead skin. You will then be treated with a clay mask to draw out bacteria and help control excess oil whilst working into the skin to cleanse and clean and soothing the skin with a Hand Massage and optional foot pressure point focus. Then take your mind, body and skin into the depths of relaxation with a soothing Facial, Shoulder & Décolletage Massage, designed to unwind and turn off from the outside world using Charlotte's glow Facial Oil. 
Your Facial will be coming towards a luxurious end with the Magic Serum, magic eye cream & the UK best seller Magic cream to hydrate and sooth your skin. 
Your skin will be guaranteed to be left with a plump, healthy look and feel which will make you feel red carpet ready! 

This a fantastic way to trial the whole skincare range and products can be purchased at a discount through The Beauty Cove!

50 min Facial with 10 min to allow for consultation and post product review & relaxation.


Visopeel Facial

Visopeel is a professional AHA & BHA chemical peel which has great results even after one treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and congestion. Facials include 25% Glycolic & 1% Salicylic Acid to exfoliate (peel) to the deepest layers to reveal a brighter, clearer, de-congested and more even skin texture. You will feel a slight tingling sensation and may have redness for a few hours afterwards which will reduce to reveal your brighter skin.


To get the best out of Visopeel, an intensive course to start is recommended, followed by monthly treatments to keep skins congestion under control.

Facial Treatment


Visopeel Facial

£45 45-60 Mins (time varies due to treatment progression)

Course of 3 Visopeels to transform your skins surface. Use either Monthly, bi-weekly or Weekly, course includes 3 separate 50-60 min treatments designed to Brighten your skin for an event or to start a skincare journey with AHAs & BHAs


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