My facials are tailored completely to your skins needs.  I am trained in knowing the best products to use for your skin and to recommend you going forward.  We will have a consultation first to understand your skin and your skin routine and my facial will include double Cleansing, Toning, Deep Exfoliation, a Masque to suit your skin,  a Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage (with a luxury facial) Topped Off With Serum & Moisturiser. Your skin will be left deeply cleansed and hydrated and you will leave feeling like I have uncovered your inner glow! 

Express Beauty Cove Facial

Double Cleanse, Toner, Exfoliation, a tailored Mask, Serum for your skin concern, eye plumping Mask and Moisturiser.

£30 30 Mins

Luxury Beauty Cove Facial

Double Cleanse, Toner, Steam and Exfoliation & Extraction a tailored Mask, Facial Massage, Serum for your skin, eye plumping Mask and Moisturiser.

£40 45 Mins

LED Luxury Treatment

My LED Foreo Mask Treatment is an optional extra to all facials. A Mask is selected to suit your skins needs and the LED Device which features collagen-stimulating red light, bacteria-battling blue light, brightening green light technology and massages the mask deeper into your skin for an instant glow whilst treating problematic areas. Featuring thermo and cryo-therapy and T-sonic pulsations, this luxury extra is the icing on the cake for ultimate relaxation.

£5 5 mins

Facial Treatment


Visopeel Facial

Visopeel is a professional AHA & BHA chemical peel which has great results even after one treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and congestion. Facials include 25% Glycolic & 1% Salicylic Acid to exfoliate (peel) to the deepest layers to reveal a brighter, clearer, de-congested and more even skin texture. You will feel a slight tingling sensation and may have redness for a few hours afterwards which will reduce to reveal your brighter skin.


To get the best out of Visopeel, an intensive course to start is recommended, followed by monthly treatments to keep skins congestion under control.


SPECIAL OFFER £35 introductory price for first Visopeel

£45 50-90 Mins (time varies due to treatment progression)

Course of 10 Visopeels to transform your skins surface

6 Month Peel Package (recommended but can be adjusted) one 60 min treatment a week for 4 weeks, then a monthly treatment for 6 months

£350 for 10 treatments

(saving £100)

Beauty Cove Spa Massage

Using The techniques of both Swedish Massage and Spa Massage and a touch of research from Massages across the world (Turkey, Mexico, Morocco & Ibiza) my massage aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. My Spa massage is gentler than a deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension release.

Full Body Spa Massage

£40 60 mins

Neck, Back, Shoulder & Scalp Massage

£30 30 mins