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The Gel Bottle Nails

Between 2-3 weeks high shine nails with The Gel Bottle Polish. Nails are buffed and cuticles tidied along with a Nail shape (file) and Gel colour(s) of your choice is painted on your own nails and cured under an LED Lamp and finished with Cuticle Glaze for optimal Nail health. BIAB (build a nail in a bottle) recommend for optimal nail strength & length of wear. 

Removal £5 

Gel Nails + BIAB £33 75 Mins


Nails & Toes

£56 2 Hours

Gel Removal with cuticle glaze

£15 30 Mins (£5 with Gel re-do)


*currently being updated.

Gel Toes able to book online


Gel Toes (Nail Tidy & Gel Colour only)

£30 1 Hr

Gel Toe Polish Removal

£15 (£5 with redo)


Callus Peel

£25 30 Mins

A 30 min treatment targeting rough and dry skin on the balls and heels of your feet. A 20 min Callus Peel is applied, then the skin is gently scraped off, followed with rasping for further hard skin removal & finishing off with a mini foot massage with refreshing Eucalyptus Callus Foot Cream

Callus Peel With Gel Polish

£40 1 Hr 10 Mins

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