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Christmas Beauty Calendar

This Christmas I succumbed to my most indulgent Beauty Advent Calendar yet...

Drum roll please... The ultimate calendar of all calendars, the Glamour Luxury Beauty advent calendar at Boots! This came with a price tag of £85 but the contents are worth £250! I'm a big fan of Christmas beauty calendars, its a great way of trying new products and of course a fantastic way of treating yourself daily! I couldn't resist when I saw the list of gifts when i spotted this in Boots so I went back and purchased this beauty on a discount day...only to have to wait for 3 weeks until the 1st of December! The daily punishment was real. Although Christmas has come to an end, I wanted to let you know my top 5 products after trying out all 24 products (all were featured on my instagram stories!)

“Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what an elegance!” coco chanel

BECCA Backlight Priming Filter (£28.00 30ml)

I am a lover of BECCA Eye Brightener so i had big hopes for this primer and it did not disappoint! I used this daily over the Christmas period and felt my skin was luminous and glowing. This Primer promises to be a luminous, pearlescent base primer that blurs imperfections and gives skin that instant photo-filter effect... and really does just that. I concentrated more of the primer on my cheeks, with less on my T-zone as I don't think I need more shine there and I could not stop looking at my skin throughout the day! This is going on my 'Buy It' list.

Lancome Tonique Comfort (£24.00 200ml)

Just yes, the packaging Tick, the ingredients Tick, The Smell Tick and the way the product makes you feel double Tick. I would say this will be my Hangover soothing skin saviour. With Lancomes' iconic branding and its claim to sooth and hydrate the skin this Toner is right up my street. Enriches with Acacia Honey & Sweet Almond Oil it leaves your skin feeling like its had an extra treat. This product is something I probably won't use daily but more for when I feel like my skin needs an extra treat.

This would make a beautiful gift for someone too, luxury at its best with its iconic beautiful Pink packaging and great for all skin types this is one of my favourites from the collection.

Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (£30.00 30ml)

I have been meaning to buy a facial oil for some time now, I have an oily skin type currently and wanted to use oil to balance my skin out, so i was looking forward to using this. Now the branding/packagng wasn't the most prettiest or exciting, more like a Spa/calming package but this oil was so beautiful. this came with a roller top, which i am unsure if the full size would but it meant i could control how much product i could use (think roll on deo!) but this beautiful facial oil was so easy to massage in to my skin. I really took care to give myself a deep skin massage and i woke up with the softest skin. Love this and had a message from a fellow local beauty therapist who also uses this. Its a winner for me.

Quick absorbing oil promises to hydrate, illuminate and target signs of aging? Well i was sold. Ingredients include Amazonian Buriti Nut, Camellia and Rosehip Oils and the beautiful smell of Rose Otto. 100% Natural

Pixi Glow Tonic (£18.00 250ml)

Now, I've heard a lot of hype surrounding this tonic. The packaging alone is enough to excite but I was a little dubious of this product, yes another tonic for my make up bag? Then I read the back of the packaging and it caught my eye... an exfoliating tonic? Tell me more i thought... So I used my trusty Micella water to remove traces of make up, which i usually follow with a cleanser but instead i went straight for the Pixi Tonic and couldn't believe how much more make up it took off! This Tonic exfoliates and purifies the skin with Glycolic Acid and with Ginseng, this improves circulation & Energizes your skin, Aloe Vera smoothes and Hydrates. Pixi Glow Tonic refines the appearance of pores and encourages call renewal to reveal a brighter, glowing complexion. And I really do believe this has done just that, its going straight into my bathroom cabinet!

Ole Heriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme (£36.00 50ml)

This cream is an absolute Game changer in my skin care bag. In all honesty I opened this and though oh. I don't know this brand, a little un-bothered but opened up (because i'm too impatient to wait to open it!) and the smell is divine.. now, its not to everyone's taste, its a strong mandarin smell, for me it was a hell yes! During my nighttime regime, i used this after my face wash and my face felt alive. This felt like a miracle worker in a pot.

Fighting the daily effects of stress, fatigue & pollution, this peachy-tinted gel creme instantly illuminates and delivers a burst of energy to your skin and hydration second to none. With all of the good it does, including firming skin, targeting fine lines and wrinkles it really does help improve make up application, creating a smooth, hydrated canvas. This really is my new holy grail! It isn't cheap (look out for Boots gift sets instead!) Formulated with Rose of Winter Extract, known for its resilience and pure Vitamin C I really can't recommend this product more (smell before you buy!)

Inside sneak peak.... verdict 10/10!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this, more product reviews coming soon!




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