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My Predicted Nail Trends For 2020

As most of you will see on my Instagram and Facebook posts, Gel & Shellac Nails is one of my most popular treatments at the moment and with this in mind I felt it would be a great time to share with you my predicted Top 10 Nail Trends of 2020!

Now, if you google this you may see some very bizarre trends, I'm sharing with you what the 'every day woman' will hopefully appreciate and give you all some nail inspo for the year ahead!

So here goes my top 10...

1. Glitter or Coloured Manicure - I first saw this on Victoria from 'In The Frow' (writer of The New Fashion Rules), she showed us her black tip mani and i thought wow, that packs a classy punch! Over Christmas I tried this with a burgundy tip and received so many compliments, I soon became obsessed! Team this with a natural nail coloured base, as per your usual manicure and let the compliments roll in! This is fast becoming a huge trend, I've even seen an orange tip nail which will look great for the summer months! Many also opt for a gold tip which is a more subtle yet classy way to wear this look. This Nail design works on both short and longer nails and can work on any shape, you can paint your tips in 2 ways - your traditional manicure tip (below) or tip into a strong triangle (works better on longer nails). A beautiful, trend for 2020!

Work by me, at The Beauty Cove

2. Tortoise Shell - Now this looks harder than it is but it is so fun to do and looks very effective! It’s a beautiful tortoise shell finish in which you can either have all nails this design or alternate your tortoise nails with black or a deep wine red and have a few fingers with this on. This nail art has taken the nail industry by storm, you will notice most nail artists are trying this and I’ve even seen some green versions too! It requires some colour mixing and hand painting the design and is quite lengthy what with curing the different layers of 'spots' but looks so fab and edgy. Here to stay for 2020!

Work by me, at The Beauty Cove

3. Almond Shape Nails - Long nails are here to stay but this isn't for everyone, many women find long nails impractical (loud typing, handling children, using creams, even messaging on a phone and hitting the wrong letters as your finger is bloody longer - it can really wind some of us up!) So a happy, yet beautiful compromise is the sweet and classic almond nail. You can create an almond shaped nail with short to medium length nails as well as longer ones, it just requires you to shape your nail in a soft triangle but make sure you round off the edges... practice makes perfect! This shape also elongates your fingers... goodbye sausage fingers (i'm talking about my own sausage fingers here!) and when done well, can look delicate & elegant.

Picture Source - Pinterest

4. Gold Edging - The next trend is so pretty, i don't know why i wasn't doing this before. A stunning (often gold) edging to the nail, this looks particularly great on short/medium squoval or almond nails but can work with all nail shapes. I think of this as pop art, it looks stunning and isn't too fiddly, just use a small brush and take your time, starting with a thin line and then build this up where needed, being careful not to get it all over the skin! This can look so pretty against any colour and I think will be a trend that will stick around for a while!

Picture Source - Pinterest

5. Minamalist Short Nude Nail - I think we can all admit a beautifully done nude nail will never go out of fashion, it looks so subtle yet pretty! But a key trend of 2020 is pulling some funky, yet still subtle, nail art out the bag! Think shapes, hearts, lines & anything simple in between. My favourite nude nails are teamed with white or black detail- a great account to follow on instagram if you want some nude nail ideas is @Drybylondon for any nude nail inspo, I would love to try to recreate some of these so feel free to bring a picture for me to try out!

Picture Source - Pinterest

6. Matte Nails - Traditionally, gels are high shine… this is what draws many in! But Matte nails are fast becoming a go-to finish this year. Normal gel polish application is applied and finished off with a Matte Top Coat. Matte nails look great in deeper darker colours, Black and Navy particularly stand out and can run through all nails but also look fab next to a feature nail or next to a high shine nail to have even more impact. This Vampy finish is an alternative look to a classic gel nail! For something a little different try a gradual nude/grey/mushroom mix with Matte top coat!

Work by me, at The Beauty Cove

7. Abstract Nails - Fast becoming a trend for peoples homes as wall art but now also for nails! These beautiful nails look great on nude or lighter nails with white or black detailing and is such a simple yet effective finish, making its way around the nail industry I can see this becoming really popular in 2020 and I can't wait for my first client who is unique enough to try this out!

Picture Source - Pinterest

8. Zodiak Nails – I've had my eye on these nails for a while now, think mystic meg mixed with Lady gaga and you will probs feel my vibe. Pinterest has plenty of zodiak themed nail ideas- moons, stars, horoscopes... all the space feels. For the best impact these look great on Black, Blue or Purple nails but i've even seen these on nude nails! These nails are so pretty, are you ready to be more experimental?

Picture Source - Pinterest

9. Marble Nails - Traditionally, marble nails are white and black but coloured marble nails are becoming more and more popular, think unicorn vibes or galactic feels. I create these below with a solid base colour, no curing then select 3-4 fun colours and pop a blob of these on some paper (or a marble slate if you have this) and use your brush to dip/layer up the colours, just keep dipping until you can't no more then swirl these across your nails and just have fun, no rules apply! I have played around with a few selections of colours below, i am intrigued to see how these would look in Matte too!

Work by me, at The Beauty Cove

10. Puzzle Nails - this is something that other nail artists might not anticipate as a trend of 2020 but i foresee this becoming very popular in the nail industry, inspired by Dryby London (obsessed with their Instagram account can you tell!) This nail art finish is unique to every nail, just have fun with it! Nude or clear base is recommended and a stiff small brush and play around with shapes, i've even seen a jigsaw shape with looked SO pretty, I can't wait to do more of these, not just for longer nails!

Work by me, at The Beauty Cove

So ladies, there you go.. that is my take on Nail Trends of 2020! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting this together and I also hope I have given you some inspiration for your next nail appointment!

If you see any nail inspo pictures on Instagram remember to tag me in it and you never know I may recreate this!

Thanks for reading!

The Beauty Cove xx


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