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Entering The Blogging World....

Lately (in the last 6 months) i have really enjoyed creating content for my website, for my social media posts and my newsletters for The Beauty Cove and after creating 3 (yes 3) separate websites I have decided to start a blog and combine everything into 1 place!

This space will predominantly be focused around beauty regimes, product reviews and recommendations but I will also be featuring lifestyle posts but with no pressure on myself to what i schedule in at the moment! Basically when the moment takes me, I will post about it!

I love to be inspired and read lots of beauty blogs and I hope to inspire others, even if it may be to tell you not to buy something or to put down the prosecco and put on your running shoes... Hopefully I won't be that mean! I am a complete blogging novice and I'm sure will find my style of content over time

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts, if you have any requests or anything you would like to see comment below!


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