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I've been keeping a secret guys ... I am now a Body Shop Consultant and will be selling their products from my treatment room and online! You can place an order through me, and often I will have special offers on or discounts so please bear me in mind before you go in store or buy online, as I will be able to save you money!

What's more I'm not just any Body Shop Consultant, I am here to also guide you on the best products (in my eyes) and make recommendations based on what products work for which skin type, to make sure you spend your money right! I have loved The Body Shop for years, but in the last few months I have fallen in love with some of their products - and I have found myself going back to my own Body Shop Consultant to order more (I have a banana hair mask on the way and I am SO excited!)

I love The Body Shop, I love what they stand for and what they put back into communities, how they empower women and girls and did you know The Body Shop are the fourth largest beauty group in the world?!... and I now work for them! I use many of their products and I will be using many products in my facials, including the masks that I RAVE about. I'm ready for a fun switch-up in my facials ... are you?!

See my video to my Body Shop starter kit unboxing below:

If you would like a copy of the catalogue, let me know in my contact form and I'll email you over a link to it!

Thanks for reading

Andrea x


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