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My Easy 3 Step Guide To Selecting Your Colour Match

With many of us ordering online more than ever, some things can seem rather tricky and put us off treating ourselves, or getting our order very wrong! One thing I can hopefully help you with is the shade of your foundation or concealer with my handy 3 step guide i have put together...


Grab your current foundation or concealer, one that is closest to your current skin tone and note down the shade (usually on the lid, at the bottom or back of a bottle)


Head to that brands website (recommended), or a retailer that will stock this ie. and select the product as if to re-purchase, use the drop down to find your shade, MOST brands will have the shades details letting you know your skin tone that shade matches. Note this down, for example my Nars concealer shade 'Creme Brulee' tells me; For light skin with pink undertones.


Go to the website of the foundation/concealer you would like to purchase, so for me i am going to head to the Charlotte Tilbury website as i would like to try her Magic Foundation and using the shade selector I can look to find a shade that fits the description. In this case I have found shade 2 Cool which is 'fair with pink undertones' as a match to my current Nars concealer and I am confident this will be a similar match!

Extra Tips - -

- Go to a brands own website for additional shade help, you can usually do a self skin evaluation (do this if you do not currently own a foundation).

- If you end up getting a shade too light or too dark The Body Shop sell brightening or darkening drops to correct your shade, alternatively use a small pump of a lighter foundation to bring the shade down!

Happy Shopping!

The Beauty Cove x


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