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Sunday Facial

Does anyone else use Sunday as a day for just you? I’d like to rename Sunday as ‘Meday’ okay, it doesn’t have a ring to it but Sundays I often make no plans (other than maybe a breakfast date and a food shop!) and use the remainder of the day to sort myself out, whether it be change my bedsheets, put away my washing, do my nails, watch a box set but I always take time to give myself my very own Luxury Facial! I have a tonne of Skin Care products, I am somewhat a product addict and love to use them throughout the month by tailoring my facial to my skins needs (and my wellbeing!)

I am pleased to bring you my Sunday Facial Routine which gives you an insight to The Beauty Cove Luxury Facials I offer too. All products used in this particular facial are Dermalogica, which I use for my Facials… only the best for my ladies! I often get asked “Why Dermalogica?” I trained using Dermalogica products so feel comfortable in my knowledge to ensure I use the best possible products for certain skin types. Another reason is that I personally love and rate the brand and their products, on top of this I have had a 100% success rate with clients’ skin looking and feeling great after treatments, only if the products did not have a positive impact I would consider a different brand, why switch when you feel you already offer the bees-knees of the skin care industry?!

So here it goes….

First of all PJs on, dressing gown on (sleeves rolled right up to my elbows), hair up in a scrunchy... hun bun all the way! I shut the bathroom door, everyone knows not to disturb me during me time! I also put on some music or watch a vlog from a favourite youtuber in the background, sometimes I put my aromatherapy diffuser on for extra stress free spa vibes or I light a candle and finally I am ready with all of my products, towels and sponges to start. Facials for my ladies are not too dissimilar, Aromatherpy scents fill the room, my electric blanket is on, ready for you to snuggle up, beautiful spa music is playing to relax you and I encourage comfy clothes and slipper socks to make you feel right at home!

I start by prepping my skin with Dermalogica Precleanse, this universal cleanser is a skin cleaning joy. I pour a few drops in my hands (dry) and massage this into my deep into my skin, all over my face and neck to dissolve any dirt and oil built up from the day, I then get a little water and continue to massage to create a milky texture for a further cleanse all over. Enriched with Kukui Nut Oil which is rich in Vitamin A,C & E and great for dry skin and inflammation, Rice Bran which is rich in Vitamin B and Borage Seed Oil which helps with skin dehydration and inflammation. This cleanser is perfect for an all over skin clean and pops a punch with a refreshing scent sweet citrus. This is a beautiful yet awakening way to start my facial.

I then go in with my personally prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser. I have 4 different Cleansers Based on your skins needs, which includes Dry, Sensitive, Oily & All skin types (combination). Today I have selected Ultra Calming Cleanser to give myself a treat, this is tailored to sensitve skin specifically, with Winter weather, central heating and work air con my skin could do with some TLC. I massage this deep into my skin, in upward circular motions to improve circulation by getting my blood flowing, I then go in with my warm sponges and clean this off and then.. you guessed it I do that all over again (double cleanse they call this!) The reason for a double cleanse is usually to first of all get the dirty/make up off then the next cleanse to work the product more into your clean skin. Voila.. on to the next step!

I then go in with my exfoliator. Today I am using the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant I am a firm fan of this, it is lovely and gentle on the skin, not too messy and is great to buff away dead skin cells to help my congested skin. I work this all over my face, avoiding my eye areas but paying extra attention to my nose, chin and around my brows basically any areas which make up, creams and serums can build up. Again with circular motions and really taking time to work this in, I end up a little red from this, but this is normal, this is what beauty therapists call erythema ! I do take care not to scratch it around my face though, skin is delicate after all! This exfoliator is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins!

Time to take this off, again with my warm sponges I gently clean this off my skin. I do this by going back and forth between the skin and the warm water to ensure none is left on the skin. I then spritz two slightly damp cotton wool pads (advice is to get these wet at the start of your facial and let them settle) with my Dermalogica Toner, this fresh smelling toner is a great additional step to calm the skin mid facial and ensure all product is off. I use this in upward sweeps, starting from my chin up to my forehead.

I then get my facial cleansing oil for a facial massage, the aim of this in a facial is for pure relaxation and to improve circulation and even though I am performing this on myself, I want to do the same so I take a good few minutes to give myself a facial massage. In my facials I do this by massaging oil into your face, starting with a continuous massage movement called an effleurage, then massaging sections of your face, from the chin, to the cheeks, around the pressure points round your temples and then spending some time on your forehead. I aim to stimulate your touch sensations during this and really relax you, no talking just relaxing and enjoying the time I spend doing this, I then work down your neck to your shoulders for a lovely shoulder massage. I won’t go into my full massage routine, but I really try to take some time to let you enjoy this part, a good 10-15 mins of massage, the true meaning of luxury.

Then another spritz of Toner at this step to get ready for our next step…

It's now time for your facial masque. I pick a masque tailored to you. For my facial today I am going to pick the hydrating mask, perfect for the winter months and although my skin is naturally quite oily I will never shy away from extra hydration as this is key to youthful skin, natural radiance & flawless make up application. The masque is applied with a brush, with thicker layers on the cheeks, chin and forehead, and then left to work its magic for 10-15 mins. During this time I will give you a hand/lower arm massage or foot massage (up to you!) and finished up with a mini scalp massage.

Now its time to remove the masque. My masques do not make the skin tight, like many out there, these are more lighter/gel based ones so they are easy to remove! This is done with clean warm water and sponges.

I finish off with some Vitamin C for true skin radiance, eye cream and a good thick layer of Moisturiser, worked into the skin for a final facial massage and effleurage.

I am now ready to sit down and enjoy an episode of Love Island (guilty pleasure!) with my newly replenished skin.... as for my facials, well you are free to enjoy the rest of your evening, go home, pop your PJs on, light the candles and snuggle up with a good Book or Box Set and leave the products to work their magic over night and enjoy the moisture surge your skin has received! I encourage you to text me the day after for a skin review, I love to know how your skin feels the next day, whether it feels smoother, more radiant, plump or your make up goes on better I love to hear your feedback!

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