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Team Bushy Brows

We are well and truly in lockdown now. This means no monthly visits to your favourite Beauty Salon and relying on online tutorials, advice from friends and beauty experts and remembering what your beauty therapist taught you between visits.... Put down the tweezers and don't touch your brows!

Okay, we don't know how long this is going to last and in all honesty, we don't want to end up like a yetty! But there will be an end to all of this and we want to come out the other end feeling like we've achieved something... whether its being able to home school your kids, learn a new skill or feel like you've sorted that pile of paperwork you've been putting off because 'there's simply not enough time!' But what about allowing your natural beauty to come through? That's an achievement if you ask me! A lot of us are embracing no make up as the daily 'look beautiful' pressure has been lifted... resulting in clearer skin for many i'm sure. Many are leaving their hair to be more natural than ever, I had forgotten what my natural hair looked like to be honest! But are you embracing the Bush? In the form of Brow of course!

Brow fashion and trends have changed throughout the years, with the classic 20s being thin pencil drawn rounded brows, 30s & 40s being a slightly thicker straighter brow and less bold on the face, in the 60s we saw bold and thin brows to compliment bold eyes. In the 80s we saw a bushier brushed up brow to pair with vibrant eyeshadows and the 90s saw the return of the thinner more perfected brow. The 00s was the return of the brow arch and in the 2010s we saw a return of the bushy brow, all thanks to Cara Delevingne but whilst most of this decade was based around creating a full, perfected brow, in the last year or so we have seen an increase i the rather unkept, imperfect, perfect 'brushed up brow' annnd breathe. It's no wonder we can't keep up!

This does mean, however, that we can grow out our brows out during lockdown... think messy, unkept and bushy and you may come out of this with award winning brows!

My Top Tip: One hair looks out of place? Leave it. (Unless it is your monobrow!) but this hair may get another one next to it... and then another and then VIOLA! You will start to form a fuller brow to which, at the end of all of this, you can visit me for a Brow Tint, Tidy & Shape to feel more polished #beautycovebrows

Is 2020 the year of your best brow yet?




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